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Cave Creek, Arizona
Summer 2013
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Red Canyon Desert  
began as a small private cactus garden  in Phoenix, and over a period of  nearly 30 years we have expanded into a very large collection.

We specialize in exotic cacti & succulents for enthus- iasts, professional landscape designers and architects, as well as for those who enjoy do-it- yourself landscape projects.

Pruning the Neo
Stay Sharp, everyone! -- Mark, J.J. and Sherman carefully hoist an arm from a huge cactus (Neocardenisia herzogiana).
Paul W, our pruner du jour, checks his  arm for cactus spines, while below, Mr. Bob keeps a sharp eye out for safety!

Desert Sunset over Phoenix
Cloudy-day sunsets are always a hit - dramatic pastels and rich washes of orange and red twilight...
Dusk marks the start of the party among cacti..  Some plants begin unfurling their blooms in hopes of hosting a night romp for flying nocturnal critters...  

Earth Station Sherman A view to the Northwest on a very stormy midday in Phoenix.  
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