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Neobuxbaumia tetetzo 

Neobuxbaumia tetetzo Rare and beautiful

Neobuxbaumia tetetzos are one of my favorite species of cacti. While browsing      through a popular cactus reference book I came  upon a photograph of a forest of N. tetetzos growing on a hillside near Puebla...

Exotic and rare 
these plants are the featured genus of the month -the variety is simply enormous.

Learn about and collect a sample of each of the aloes.
Get started soon cultivating your own desert garden...
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Red Canyon Desert  
We specialize in exotic cacti & succulents for enthusiasts, professional landscape designers and landscape architects, as well as providing plants and materials for those who enjoy do-it-yourself landscape projects.
RCD began as a small private cactus garden in north Phoenix, and, across a span of many years we have expanded the garden into a very large collection in multiple locations.
neo rosettes RCD's in-house staff can design and build exotic landscapes, rockscapes, pools, fountains, waterfalls, turtle houses and more...
At Red Canyon Desert our priority is the satisfaction of collectors, and the success of our treasured re-sellers.

<- Top Left: Barrel Cactus. Top right: Saguaros at Fish Creek.
Bottom: Neo rosettes in bloom.
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